Whītiki Tauā

Someone who'll have your back

Mentor support for Mana in Mahi participants

What is a mentor?

They're a consistent, reliable, non-judgemental person to kōrero with, ask questions and get advice from. You can talk to them about anything - perhaps challenges you’re having with work, your friends, whānau or life in general. They’ll listen to you and support you without judging or telling you what to do. Whītiki Tauā means they've got your back.

Why have a mentor?

A mentor will always have your back. They care about you and your wellbeing and are there for you when you need them.

A mentor can help you:

  • Grow your self-esteem and confidence
  • Work through tough situations
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Work out what career or education you would like
  • Celebrate your successes

Our mentors are from a range of backgrounds. We’ll help you choose a mentor you’ll connect with best and help you get to know each other.

How does Whītiki Tauā work?

It connects you to a dedicated person who’ll have regular chats with you via video, phone call and the Whītiki Tauā app.


Date updated: 30 March 2021