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Our new name

We have changed our name from Homecare Medical to Whakarongorau Aotearoa.

In 2018 we began a process to review the name of our organisation. The purpose was to find a name that would better describe the work we do and reflect our commitment to equity. We have over that time de-prioritised this work as we have focussed on service delivery, most recently on supporting the Government’s COVID response. We have now finalised this work, with input from our staff, with design support from a contemporary Māori artist, and with appropriate guidance from our advisors.

From 31 March 2021 we have started to use our new name and logo. Rather than a ‘big bang’ rebrand over a short period, we will slowly update artefacts over the next 6-12 months as they are due for review or stocks are reordered (e.g. our website, office signage, stationary).

Whakarongorau is a word to describe the many ways to listen - whakarongo (to listen) and ā-rongorau (a modern word for multimedia, the many ways of communication or media). It is derived from the old Māori word whakarongorua (to listen with great intent and purpose). The English version of that name is New Zealand Telehealth Services.

Listen below for a demonstration on the pronunciation of our new name:

Below is our new logo - the icon with the name.

whakarongorau logo design

We are a social enterprise

We run digital telehealth services, which offer free health, mental health and addictions support across digital channels – we’ve been doing that since November 2015.

We also provide clinical support for general practices after hours – we’ve been doing that for over 20 years.

Since November 2015 we have run and developed the Government’s free, 24x7 National Telehealth Service; it is co-funded by the Ministry of Health, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), the Health Promotion Agency (HPA), the Ministry of Social Development, and the Department of Corrections. The services are run across seven channels including voice, webchat, and text.

The Service is underpinned by a 10-year contract that commenced in 2015 and is governed by a Service Improvement Board.

Whakarongorau is owned by primary health organisations ProCare and Pegasus Health.

We have a professional workforce of over 350. They’re based in contact centres in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin and with over 150 people working from their home offices, Kaitaia to Bluff.

Our team includes registered nurses, mental health nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, doctors, Poisons Officers, Health Advisors, sexual harm professionals, and emergency triage nurses.

Everything we do is driven by our ambition to virtually support people of Aotearoa New Zealand to stay well and connect them seamlessly with care when they need it.

Our whakapapa

With over 3,000 contacts received each day, Whakarongorau is the organisation entrusted to ensure that every New Zealander has access to free, high-quality health and social care, 24x7.

Whakarongorau works collaboratively with Government and other health partners to understand what problems we can solve, how we can reach more people and respond better, smarter, and faster by delivering deep, cross-functional service integration.

Our equity focus

A key strategic key priority for NTS is to directly influence and drive better health outcomes for priority populations. This will be achieved through working collaboratively across the health ecosystem, improving access, choice and health outcomes for Māori, Pacific people, and people living in disadvantaged communities.

This means embracing cultural diversity or ‘whāngai’ is part of our DNA. Our business activities are equity-led, lifting our cultural diversity and competency with all internal and external stakeholders.

Our partnership principles

  • Service user focus: Our decisions are based on what’s best for – and what works for – people of Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Partnership: We will work together as partners in areas of mutual interest, proactively seeking input, valuing the expertise and opinions of others. We will encourage innovation and keep an open mind.
  • Good faith: We will, at all times, act openly with honesty, trust and sincerity, and treat information provided by others with care and in confidence.
  • No surprises: We will provide early warning to our partners on matters that may require a response, may be contentious in any way, or may attract attention from shared stakeholders, media or the public.

Our commitment to quality

Our systems are certified to the ISO 9001 standard, which demonstrates our commitment to quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. ISO standards are recognised in over 160 countries.

telarc registered iso 9001 check