After hours

We're there for your patients when you can't be.

GP after-hours service

We recognise the important relationship that exists between GP and patient. To preserve this, we answer calls in your practice’s name and triage protocols are customised to your requirements. Your practice can divert your phones to us during evenings, weekends, public holidays, during staff meetings or in times of unexpected disruption, such as earthquakes, floods or power outages. Our nurses are extensively trained and monitored and our service meets Cornerstone accreditation.

Knowing your patients are in good hands when you are not at work is incredibly important. We recognise this unique relationship and provide the flexibility to respond to after-hours calls in your practices’ name, using your practices’ unique protocols. We’re here to support you and your patients after hours, evenings, weekends and public holidays. We can also support you in the event of unexpected disruption such as floods, power outages and/or other civil emergencies. Our nurses and paramedics are experts in telehealth assessment and are supported to provide excellent outcomes through ongoing quality review and clinical support.

Mental health after-hours service

We'll be a virtual extension of your DHB clinical team.

We use our existing Registered Mental Health Nurses team that services multiple lines 24/7. We know mental health is in demand, this allows for improved access to capacity to respond to the hours and needs of this service.

a nurse on the phone

Advantages of using Whakarongorau:

Services are customised to your practice’s requirements
Clinical decision-making is supported by a state-of-the-art, clinical decision support system that mirrors a natural consultation
Triage is patient-centred and advice and care given in a way that naturally strengthens clinicians’ usual consultation and decision-making processes
Coordinated care with other providers and emergency services
Our services meet Cornerstone Accreditation and after-hours obligations
Individual practices receive monthly tailored reporting
Specific individual patient instructions can be carried out
Help is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our services are subscription-based and purchased by DHBs, PHOs or individual general practices.